Coronavirus Protection + Branding = Opportunity

Sloppy slipshod sneeze guards (i.e.clear shielding) are evident in shops, restaurants and offices. Many clear shields sit upon a surface and protect 20” of interactive space leaving the remaining counter open and unprotected. Exposed workers deserve more comprehensive protection from a public which has not fully embraced proper mask wearing and use, or physical distancing.

Pretending that customers station themselves directly in front of these minimal barriers unnecessarily endangers employees facing the public all day long, and does little for the professional commercial look of a business.

Contagious airborne viruses have been plaguing humanity for hundreds of years. Add globalization, far flung travel and densely populated environments to the mix and it seems safe to say that shielding will remain helpful long after a cure is universally distributed. Shields which primarily surround the worker can provide real security from airborne illness of all kinds.

This new vertical territory represents an opportunity to brand your business. Clear flat nearly open expanses scream for creative personalization to draw the eye for a variety of purposes. Acrylic can be etched with company information, logos, and other marketing items. Vinyl designs, printing or paint can be applied to clear acrylic panels adding style, charm, color and sophistication to an office space.

Shielding provides a unique occasion for a business to invest in a permanent structure that will enhance the work environment while protecting employees. A bit of design forethought elevates the practical shield transforming it into a fully integrated part of the work environment.

Invest in forethought rather than installing afterthoughts.

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