Pet Portraits


Pet Lover

Our Role

Create beautiful acrylic art with your pet as the star

What We Did

Painted and tinted images

Composited pet into photo image
Create a modern Warhol-effect Series


Custom acrylic art that clear mounts to your wall

Standard or custom sizes

Photo of a cat. Metallic tinted gold eyed cat.
Metallic tinted american staffordshire pet portrait by DIG53.
Photo of basset house. Metallic print.
Shaggy dog composited infant of sunrise. Pet portrait by DIG53.
Dachshund dog standing in grass field.
Commercial art of cat sitting on North Carolina beach by DIG53
Photo of bulldog infant of red flowers, mountains, and sun breaking through the clouds.
Yorky composited infront of cyan colored sea and sky.
Pet Portrait by DIG53
Acrylic Pet Portrait Sugar by Dig53
Poodle Pet Portrait by DIG53

let’s talk about

your special pet portrait

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Photo of University of Marymount wall.